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Download Google Assistant 0.1.171067374

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Google Assistant 0.1.171067374

The Google Assistant app provides another way to launch the Assistant that’s already available on your phone. It allows you to quickly access your Google Assistant with one tap. You can still access your Assistant by pressing and holding down your home button or by simply saying, “Ok Google.”

Remind yourself to send a birthday card, make calls hands free during your commute, and unwind by playing your favorite tunes. You personal Google is here to help. Ask your Google Assistant questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere.

With the Google Assistant, you can:

• Make quick phone calls on the go (“Call Mom”)

• Send text messages (“Text Sara I am running late”)

• Set reminders (“Remind me to buy a birthday gift for John”)

• Take a selfie (“Take a selfie”)

• Set calendar events (“Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9”)

• Play music (“Play jazz music on YouTube”)

• Navigate places (“Get me directions home”)

• Weather information (“Do I need an umbrella today?”)

• Receive updates on the latest news (“Tell me the news”)

* Your device must still meet the requirements in order to use the Google Assistant (Google Search v7.11 or higher and minimum memory requirements).

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* You do not need this app to use the Google Assistant if you already have the Google Assistant on your device.

Download Google Assistant 0.1.171067374 (120-640dpi) APK – 1.20 MB

It’s possible that’s merely the assessment concerning Google Assistant 0.1.171067374 ideally useful.

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